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Polish Translation LLC was founded in 2000 in response to a growing need for professional translations between Polish and English. The headquarters of the organization are registered and based in the United States (Illinois); the main service contact outside the country is based in the United Kingdom.

We have cooperated with many companies across the world providing translation, interpreting, localization, editing and proofreading services.

Thanks to World Wide Web technology, our network of cooperating translators and interpreters reaches many other countries around the globe. Our team of carefully selected experienced Polish translators and specialists know how important perfect and absolutely flawless translation is for any individual or a company. They are professionals who know what the process of translation involves; that it is not just simple word-for-word translation, but the transfer of the meaning of the text from one language to another. We always aim to fully understand the needs and requirements of our customers and the purpose of the text that is to be translated.

We try and gather all necessary information from the customer and provide it to the translator before the job is commenced. During the translation process, we stay in touch with our professionals to ensure that the process is running smoothly and that the translation will be returned on time. Out translators not only know the language, but also the culture of the country where the language they translate from/into is spoken, as well as a specific field. Therefore, translations that we provide are not only linguistically perfect, but also take into consideration the culture and any industry-specific jargon. We promise that your translation will be assigned to the most appropriate translator who combines linguistic and technical expertise and will always assign the same translators to the same customers in order to maintain the consistency of vocabulary. We realize that different companies in different counties use different company-specific terms, therefore, we are able to create glossaries or use glossaries provided by the customer in order to ensure consistency and avoid confusion. After the work is completed, we encourage you to leave feedback, whether to let us know that we did our job well or to help us improve our services in the future.

As a modern translation company, we pride ourselves on being technologically advanced with regards to software, hardware, the application of information, and the deployment of knowledge sufficient to our clients' needs and expectations. Our team is well prepared to face any translation challenge, giving us a competitive edge in the global field of professional services.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality English to Polish and Polish to English translation and interpreting services at a reasonable rate and in a timely manner. We work together with our customers and involve them in the process of translation in order to completely understand and fully meet their requirements.

Our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff is always there to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries or requests.

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