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The translation market is a very competitive industry. In order for our customers to entrust us to work on their projects, we have to ensure the highest quality, competitive prices and timely completion of all projects. We realize that the success of Polish Translation depends on our translators. We are constantly developing and our Polish Translation team constantly seeks opportunities to initiate cooperation with experienced and skilled professional English to Polish and Polish to English freelance translators and interpreters with expertise in every possible field.

Interested individuals are expected to meet a set of requirements to qualify to work with Polish Translation. Please read the requirements carefully.

Our quality requirements include:

  • Education: completion of a language-related university degree
  • Linguistic skills: native or close to native command of both Polish and English
  • Translation experience: 3+ years of translation experience in a given field
  • Accreditation with at least one respectable organization to prove proficiency and compliance with current professional standards
  • Translation of a sample text designed for a particular area of expertise
  • Provision of a comprehensive resume, which will be presented to our clients upon request
  • At least two verifiable current references

Languages never cease to evolve, therefore, we require that our translators are up to date with all changes, including new vocabulary or new grammatical rules. In order to achieve that, a translator must continuously have contact with both English and Polish. We require translation to be the main occupation of the applicant.

If you can demonstrate that you fulfill the above requirements, we are interested to hear from you, please send us your resume along with a scanned copy of your accreditations to: We are very busy and due to a large number of applications and we will only be able to contact you if your background and translation/interpretation experience meet the above requirements.